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Manure Separation Equipment Explained

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Dairy farming is highly beneficial; besides the milk, the animals provide you with manure, a renewable and valuable resource. The manure can increase your farm's profits and facilitate efficiency when you manage it appropriately. Manure management can be challenging, but separating it into solid and liquid portions makes the task achievable. These independent products allow for application flexibility, maximizing the manure's output. Machines primarily carry out the separation process. Depending on your needs, you can acquire them from a wholesaler or a retailer.

Types of manure separation equipment 

Dairy manure separators are available in various categories.  Here's an overview of the two most popular ones. 

Sidehill screens 

They are mainly characterized by having two sloping screens, often called static and gravity screens, and a wire box at the top.  Manure is pumped over the wire box during the separation and flows down the screens. The liquid manure filters through the screens while the solid one falls off at the bottom of the screens. They often produce moist solid manure and completely remove solid particles from the liquid manure. Sidehill screens require low maintenance due to their simple structure. They are affordable and have a low operation cost. 

Drum screens 

These machines have drum-like structures made of perforated metal, where separation occurs. The manure slurry is pumped into the drum through an inlet. It is then rotated, allowing the liquid to sip through the screen's pores. The solid material is pushed out through an opening opposite the inlet section. The end product is usually dry and doesn't require further processing before you can store it. 

Advantages of manure separation 

Manure separation allows you to provide your animals with comfortable bedding. The solid manure obtained is usually heavy and resilient, making it excellent for creating thick and strong bedding. Enhances your animals' hygiene. Unlike sawdust or straws, the manure bedding doesn't stick on your animals, allowing them to stay clean. Slippery floors or leg and hoof diseases can force your animals to excrete while lying down, making the shed messy. Using manure bedding helps you avoid such instances. It allows you to maintain your cows' good health. Manure beddings prevent the occurrence of thick heels. Utilizing this recycled product prevents the introduction of outside litter, bacteria, or diseases into your animals' shed. Manure separation allows you to utilize nutrients appropriately. For instance, the solid part is rich in phosphate, while the liquid has an abundance of nitrogen. You can avoid or use fewer chemical fertilizers with appropriate planning. It is cost-effective. After purchasing the manure separation equipment, you can access as much solid and liquid manure as you need at a low production cost. 


Manure separation allows you to maximally utilize the manure's functions, benefiting you and your animals. Contact a manure separation equipment wholesaler or retailer to learn more about the available categories and find the best one for your needs.