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Ready To Start Selling Eggs From Your Homestead? Packaging Points To Consider

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Hobby farms and local egg sales have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more homestead owners than ever looking to sell eggs to the local community. Along with ensuring your familiarity with local regulations, you also need to consider what you'll package eggs in when you sell them. Since most consumers are accustomed to the traditional egg carton style, you should consider buying egg cartons. Here are a few things to think about.

Carton Type

Have you ever noticed how many different types of egg cartons there are in the grocery store? You can find egg cartons made of everything from heavy paper to plastic or styrofoam. If you're going to be selling eggs from your homestead, you need to decide what type of egg cartons you prefer to use. If you want something that's recyclable and less harmful to the environment, paper egg cartons are a better choice than styrofoam or plastic. Paper egg cartons are just as easy to store, but you have to make sure that you keep them dry.


In addition to choosing the material that you want for your egg cartons, you also need to decide what configurations you'll offer. Do you plan to sell half-dozen options or even 18-count packages? Are you looking for circular cartons in addition to linear ones? Think about the choices that you wish to provide for your customers or what you think may be the best sellers in your area. You may find it helpful to research what other homesteads in the area are selling or ask around to see if locals would be interested in buying six eggs at a time or wish for a bulk option as well.


Especially if you choose paper egg cartons, you should also think about how to personalize them for your homestead. Not only can you order egg cartons that already have your homestead logo or name printed on them, but you can also find colored paper egg cartons so that you can provide your customers with eggs in brightly colored, vibrant cartons that will soon become synonymous with your farm and its brand identity.

Think about what you're trying to establish by selling your homestead's eggs, then consider these points as you choose the egg cartons that will best fit your needs and represent your brand. Know your audience and consider your product so that you can get the egg cartons that are the best solution for your homestead.