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2 Things To Consider When Choosing A Livestock Scale For Your Cattle

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If you have been using an old scale to weigh your cattle, you may feel that you are ready to upgrade it to a newer, more modern model. However, while you may think that the choice should be simple, you may be surprised to find that modern livestock scales have a lot of available features and options.

While making a decision may seem overwhelming, there are a couple of things you should consider when choosing a scale for your cattle that can help you narrow down the choices.

1.  Decide Whether a Stationary or Portable Scale Would Be Better for Your Needs

One thing that you should take into consideration when deciding on which scale you should purchase for your cattle is where you intend to use it. This can help narrow down your choices between stationary and portable models.

If you have a relatively small herd or tend to corral larger herds in one location, a stationary model may serve your needs. You can place the scale in one of the chutes, and as the cattle pass over it, it will capture their weights.

However, if you have a larger herd and/or have several different corrals, a portable scale may be the better option. This model easily breaks down and can be transported to where the cattle are.

2.  Look For a Model That Comes With Software That Allows for Quick Weight and Data Capture 

Another option you should pay close attention to when looking at cattle scales is the software. Ideally, the software should allow for quick capture and recording so that you can weigh the cattle faster.

You can also decide how much data you wish to record along with the weight. Some software allows you to add detailed information about the cattle, from changes in diet to health issues or pregnancies. Think about what data you want to record, and find a scale that comes with software that will accommodate your needs. 

When choosing a scale to weigh the cattle in your herd, knowing beforehand whether you want a stationary or portable model can help to narrow down the choices. You should also look at the management software to make sure that it captures the weight and other pertinent data quickly to help save you time and frustration with keeping records on the health and well-being of the herd. For more information about your options, speak with a cattle equipment company that offers livestock scales.