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Don't Fix Up Only Your Home Before A Sale -- Fix Up Your Trees As Well

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If you're about to put your home on the market, you're going to have to improve the appearance of the home to make it look like a place that people would want to be in. But many times, sellers end up concentrating solely on the house and not on anything in the yard. That can be risky because your trees could influence your sale by a large margin. Before you show the home to prospective buyers, have the trees checked out yourself to ensure that no major problems are forming.

Tree Appearance and Health

Well-kept trees along the west or south sides of the home offer shade on hot summer days, and if the trees are mature and tall enough to block out most afternoon light, that could be a great selling point. But you have to keep the trees looking good, and they have to stay healthy. Have a tree service come in and give the tree a tune-up, so to speak. An arborist can look for signs of infestations and infections, as well as check if the tree is nearing the end of its life span and would need to be cut down.

Tree Integrity

A tree service can also look for loose limbs that could crash down in a storm. You really don't need an irate new owner accusing you of not disclosing problems with weak branches or rotten trunks if part of the tree should fall on the house after the sale. If the arborist finds that the tree has weak spots, he or she can remove those branches or remove the tree.

Plus, if you do not inspect the tree, and the prospective buyer does, then the buyer could negotiate a lower price for the home if he or she finds that the trees need a lot of work. By taking care of the trees beforehand, you can help preserve the value of the home as a whole.

Tree Roots

The arborist can also look at the tree roots on the property and ensure that they are not headed toward a porch or driveway, where they might cause the pavement to buckle. Showing a home that has obvious tree root damage could impact your asking price in a big way. Before trying to sell your home, call in an arborist and ensure that the trees around your home are in safe places and are healthy.

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