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Three Tips To Help You Find The Right Wood Chipper For Your Needs

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If you have a lot of tree materials to mulch up, a wood chipper can be a great investment. It may seem as simple as a machine with a hammer mill to tear through debris like never before. Wait. It is not as simple as that; there are many different types of chippers. For light duty, you may just want to a small machine, while larger machines can be good for larger materials. It is also important to consider what you are using the material for, which the chipper can create wood chips of different sizes. Here are some tips to help you find the best wood chipper for your needs:

1. Small Chippers For Light-Duty Garden Work

If you have a lot of small trees and shrubs on your property, pruning can be part of annual maintenance. It can also produce a lot of waste with the clippings. To deal with this waste, a small chipper can be the perfect tool to handle pruning, and turn them into mulch and compost. These machines are usually limited to the size of branches they can handle and will not chip large branches from trees.

2. Large Chippers To Handle Heavy Duty Tree Maintenance

Larger chippers are also available to handle heavy-duty tree maintenance. These versions can usually handle branches of a larger diameter than the garden chippers. If you have a lot of hardwoods or nut trees, this type of chipper will be a better choice. Larger chippers can also be good for lawn and tree services that need machinery to do these jobs. Tree services may invest in larger trailer chippers that can handle larger volumes of material, as well as include things like conveyor belts to dispense chipped materials.

3. Specialty Chippers To Create Materials For Biomass And Other Uses

If you have a large rural property, you may use firewood or even biomass materials. The wood chips used in biomass boilers generally needs to be smaller. This means that a chipper with more teeth on the hammer mill needs to be used. If you plan to use the chipper to make biomass fuel, look for the diameter of the chipped materials. This is much more practical than running materials through a chipper several times to get them down to size.

These are some tips that will help you find the best wood chipper for your needs. If you are looking for the right machine, contact a vendor of wood chippers and talk with them about some of the work you will be doing with yours. They will be able to find exactly what you need to get the job done right.