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Installed A New Commercial Drip Irrigation System For Your Small Farm? 2 Tips To Keep It Maintained

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A commercial drip irrigation system is beneficial as it can save you a lot of time and money to keep your crops healthy. If you just installed this system on your property, there is maintenance that you should do to help the drip irrigation system last a long time for you. Keep reading for two of these maintenance tips.

Check Valve Pressure

Valve pressure is what makes the water come out of the perforated holes, and if the pressure is too high or too low, this will cause problems. Determine what the correct pressure is for the drip irrigation system you installed and then check each valve to ensure the pressure is set to the right range.

There are emitters on the tubing, and they will pop off if the pressure is too high. Water will then come out of the emitters much faster and water your plants more than they need to be. This can easily cause root rot if not taken care of, which will kill your crops. A lot of water is also wasted, which raises your monthly water bill. If the valve pressure is set too low not enough, water will come out of the emitters and will not provide your crops with the water they need. 

If you find the pressure is set too high, you can replace or install a new regulator to take care of this. If the pressure is low, you can remove the regulator or replace the current regulator.

Check Filter

Checking the filter on your irrigation system is important to keep it running smoothly. Always make sure the filter is the right size and the right type, as this protects the system. Using the right type of filter will help your irrigation system last a lot longer. 

Filters will prevent clogs from building up in the emitters. Sediments and other types of contaminants will cause the clogs that may be in the type of water you have on your farm. Some types of water will cause this, like re-claimed water, greywater, etc. You can have your water tested to see what type you have. If you get clogs this will also cause damage to the actual emitters, which will be expensive to replace.

One type of filter that works great with a drip irrigation system is a disk filter. This type of filter works great at preventing sediments, and if there is any type of chemical elements in your water, the filter will also prevent the chemicals from causing clogs. 

Talk with the company that installed your drip irrigation system and they can give you many more tips on keeping the system in good condition. For more information, contact a local business, like Waterford Irrigation Supply Inc.